Dear Bad Luck, Let’s Break Up

I don’t know what it is but bad luck seems to follow me, or so I thought…

Here are some examples of what’s happened that led me to this conclusion:

  • Replaced my SUV’s windshield to only have a rock hit it a few days later and crack it.
  • $5 bill fell from my pocket, the wind picked it up and blew it right into the city drain.
  • Tripped on my own foot in the gym parking lot, people saw me– even worse they asked if I was okay. I followed that by later hitting my face doing skull crushers. I’m unsure if anyone saw, I was far too mortified to look around.
  • Lost my registration somewhere in my vehicle, I was pulled over and got a ticket for not having my registration which I later found in my centre console.
  • Stained new jeans with paint.
  • Smashed my laptop screen.
  • Stepped away from a puddle to only smear my shoe in dog poop.
  • Cracked iPhone 7 Plus screen when it fell out of my pocket face first onto the pavement.
  • Burned my tongue and the roof of my mouth while trying to enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
  • Bought a new top to later have it shrink in the wash and ruin it’s shape.

Is there some sort of cosmic joke being played on me? Has there been an African voodoo curse put on me? Am I being Punk’d by life? What the hell is going on.


I’m not going to lie, having these things happen to me made me feel pretty sorry for myself so much so that I spent quite a few nights sobbing. Having had enough I started to Google “how to get rid of bad luck” and I read the most ridiculous articles; there were potions, prayers, witchcraft practices using herbs and moon cycles, burning incense, using charms crystals and stones… As an analytical person I couldn’t see myself burning sage while drinking goats blood on a full moon chanting to a deity pleading for my luck to change. These “solutions” were humorous at best.

Since I wasn’t going through with those solutions I begun to logically examine my string of “bad luck”; if I wasn’t in such a rush to get to the gym I probably wouldn’t have tripped, and if I was concentrating more on my workout rather than replaying that mortifying moment in my head I probably wouldn’t have hit myself with the dumbbell. If I hadn’t been speeding the cop wouldn’t have had to pulled me over and write me a ticket (he let me off for speeding). If I had only slowly sipped on my long island iced tea instead of ordering two doubles back to back while painting I wouldn’t have been so clumsy and painted my pants. If I hadn’t placed my laptop on a unstable surface it wouldn’t have fallen, and if I had secured my cellphone in my pocket it wouldn’t have fallen either. I was a little more aware of my surroundings I wouldn’t have stepped on dog poop. And finally if I had read the washing instructions on my new top it wouldn’t have been ruined.

After examining these unfortunate situations I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as “bad luck”, there are only consequences to actions taken. Granted, I couldn’t really do anything about the rock that hit my windshield or the wind blowing my $5 into the city grate –these things fall under the “shit happens” category, and shit happens to everyone.

So what can we do to change this? Well we start by taking our actions into consideration to avoid those negative consequences we so easily write off as “bad luck”. However, when shit happens, because it will,  we move on and learn from it rather than dwelling on it and feeling sorry for ourselves. Our reactions to the negative things that happen in our life will either make us resilient or victims…which one would you rather be?

Your friend,




Author: Sara Renée

My name is Sara Renée and I like to share pieces of my life. I live in Central Alberta with my two children, a man who steals the bed sheets at night and a fluff ball named Milo. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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