I Want To Be A Bookworm Again

I love to read. I love to get lost in a really good book. Books have this amazing power to shut off the world yet simultaneously draw you into a new one.

Over the last couple years I haven’t been such a good reader. I pick up a book, read it halfway through and abandon it. I have half read books all over the place. I keep mental notes of where I left off and hear an incessant voice that tells me to finish my abandoned books before I start picking up new ones that I’ll only leave half read as well.

At night when the kids are in bed and Michael nuzzles up next to me with a book, instead of picking up one of the many books I have on cue, I find myself aimless scrolling through my social media checking out the latest fitness posts or screenshotting hilarious memes…and this needs to stop. I’ve been addicted to my phone and it’s killed my love for reading.


My phone has been a major distraction. Now don’t get me wrong, checking out your social feeds, reading wacky Buzzfeed articles and finding out what kind of dog you’d be aren’t “bad things”, but it isn’t exactly adding anything into your life so why waste a good chunk of your day doing something that isn’t benefiting you in the long run?


People who read are simply smarter, there are countless studies that prove it to be so. Reading improves your focus, concentration, memory, verbal abilities, analytical thinking skills…the list goes on. There is also a study on how reading can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s! If you don’t believe me a quick Google search will confirm my statements and hopefully convince you to pick up a book more often as well.

Starting tonight, I’ll be putting my devices down and picking up one of my half read books..it’s time to get back to being a bookworm.

Your friend,



Author: Sara Renée

My name is Sara Renée and I like to share pieces of my life. I live in Central Alberta with my two children, a man who steals the bed sheets at night and a fluff ball named Milo. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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