Are We Still Friends?

Social anxiety is the dumbest forms of anxiety, at least in my opinion. I don’t really know when it started as it was a very slow progression that later I found myself completely engulfed in. Continue reading “Are We Still Friends?”

Top 5 Toxic People Who Need To Leave Your Life ASAP

We all know someone or have come across somebody that makes us uncomfortable or simply unhappy when we interact with them, it may not be right away but it doesn’t take too long for their sucky nature to get you bummed. Sometimes these toxic people come into our lives disguised as friends or lovers, they can be co-workers, or worse they’re family. Continue reading “Top 5 Toxic People Who Need To Leave Your Life ASAP”

I Used To Be A Chameleon

I used to be guilty of changing who I was just to get someone to like me, especially when it came to boys. If he was really into hockey so was I, if he loved motocross suddenly I’d become an avid fan. I’d tailor myself to whomever it was just to be liked or to simply fit in.

Continue reading “I Used To Be A Chameleon”