5 Things My Immigrant Parents Taught Me

My parents came to Canada as refugees over 20 years ago with my siblings. I was born in Canada so I can only imagine what it would have been like for them to have to learn a new language and adjust to the ways of the western world.

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I Used To Be A Chameleon

I used to be guilty of changing who I was just to get someone to like me, especially when it came to boys. If he was really into hockey so was I, if he loved motocross suddenly I’d become an avid fan. I’d tailor myself to whomever it was just to be liked or to simply fit in.

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The Silent Battle Within

Self love, confidence and self esteem have been things I have battled with for a majority of my life, something far too common most women seem to experience. However, knowing that I’m not alone in facing these issues is somewhat comforting.

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